Town of
Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant highwaymen paved the library and health center May 23, 2018, with new asphalt, with help from the county highway department. (Photo/Cristine Meixner)

Highway Department

Superintendent Randolph La Varnway

2679 State Route 8 POB 799
Lake Pleasant, NY 12108
518-548-3625 ext. 7 office, ext. 4 shop
Table Of Contents:
Lake Pleasant Highway Department builds and maintains town roads and snowmobile and bicycle trails; collects garbage and recyclables; holds an annual clean-up day; 
LPHD maintains 26.95 miles of roads. Its new-to-us 2015 John Deere grader, acquired in April of 2018, replaced a 34-year-old 1984 grader. It enables the Highway Department to keep gravel roads in better condition: Dugway Road, Gilmantown Road, Hamilton Lake Road, Jessup River Road, Kittler Field Road, Perkins Clearing Road. Asphalt roads are Fawn Lake Road, Fish Mountain Road, Golf Course Road, Hanley Road, Jim's Hill Road, Kaulfuss Drive, Longview Road, Mason Court, Old Page Hill Road, Overlook Drive, Oxbow Road, Page Street, Pelcher Road, Sacandaga Lake Estates roads, Tamarack Road, and Woodmere Drive.

LP highwaymen paved the library and health center in May of 2018, with help from the county highway department. LP Superintendent of Highways Randy La Varnway, drove a loader back and forth from trucks filled with asphalt to fill the hopper of the paving machine that spits out the asphalt.
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