Town of
Lake Pleasant

Coyote Bites Dog

July 24, 2019

Town of Lake Pleasant Animal Control Officer Mike Peck reports an unleashed dog on the Lake Pleasant Central School soccer field was bitten by a coyote Saturday evening, July 20, while the dog’s owner watched.

Peck learned of the incident when he was notified by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. DEC Division of Fish and Wildlife Big Game Biologist James H. Stickles believes the incident happened because the dog was about 25 yards from its owner, and suggests the town make efforts to publicize it leash law.

“The dog was about the size of a large coyote so it sounds like a territorial attack,” he wrote in an email to Peck. The dog survived the attack.

Peck will post notices of the law in public places. He says the leash law is intended to protect pets as well as people. The pertinent section reads: "It shall be unlawful for any owner of a dog in the Town of Lake Pleasant to permit or allow such dog to:

"A. Run at large, unless the dog is restrained by an adequate leash or unless it is accompanied by its owner or a responsible person and under the full control of such owner or person. For the purpose of this Article, a dog or dogs hunting in company of a hunter or hunters shall be considered as accompanied by its owner."