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Wakely Fire Tower

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The 235-acre Wakely Mountain Primitive Area is surrounded by the wilderness and includes the Wakely Mountain Fire Tower, observer cabin, and helipad. Wakely Fire Tower is the tallest fire tower (70 feet) still standing in the state. It is open year-round and access is free. The Wakely Mountain Trail extends 3 miles and ascends 1,600 feet from the trailhead on Cedar River Road (in the Town of Indian Lake) in the Moose River Plains Wild Forest to the summit of the mountain. Most of the ascent is in the last mile of the trail. The summit is wooded and does not provide a view of the area. However, unobstructed 360-degree views are found in the cab of the fire tower. The current steel fire tower was constructed in 1916, replacing the wooden fire tower constructed in 1911. The AerMotor Model # LL‐25 tower is listed on the New York State and National Registers of Historic Places. It is one of four fire towers of this model that remain standing, and the only one with a portion of the original steel ladder still attached to the tower.

The fire tower was staffed and used for fire observation until 1988. It is maintained with the Friends of Wakely Mountain Fire Tower organization.